Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We can grow more food, just let us!

Agency warns of 'silent tsunami' of hunger

The Associated Press
updated 4:54 p.m. MT
Tues., April. 22, 2008

LONDON - Ration cards. Genetically modified crops. The end of pile-it-high, sell-it-cheap supermarkets.

These possible solutions to the first global food crisis since World War II — which the World Food Program says already threatens 20 million of the poorest children — are complex and controversial. And they may not even solve the problem as demand continues to soar.

A "silent tsunami" of hunger is sweeping the world's most desperate nations, said Josette Sheeran, the WFP's executive director, speaking Tuesday at a London summit on the crisis.

The skyrocketing cost of food staples, stoked by rising fuel prices, unpredictable weather and demand from India and China, has already sparked sometimes violent protests across the Caribbean, Africa and Asia. Read More

Isn’t it interesting how people don’t seem to be bothered by genetically modified crops when they realize there isn’t a never ending supply of food. Although the thought of reducing meat consumption will lessen the food crunch is bogus, people are starting to realize that someone does grow their food. Regulations like the initiative in California will only hinder the American producers ability to produce more food for a hungry world if it passes.

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