Thursday, April 10, 2008

PETA: Killing Kids the same as Eating Meat

PETA touts vegetarian meals for Underwood
The Norman Transcript

Members of the organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals sent an "urgent" letter to Oklahoma State Penitentiary Warden Marty Sirmons Tuesday, urging Simmons to provide convicted murderer Kevin Ray Underwood with exclusively vegetarian meals to prevent him from "being involved in any more senseless killing" while in prison.

"While you can't stop all violence, you do have the power to prevent Underwood from contributing to any more suffering and death by placing him on a healthy, humane vegetarian diet," the letter states. Read More

PETA is suggesting that if you eat meat, it is no different that beating, sexually assaulting, and suffocating a 10 year old child. It just goes to show you how little value is placed on human life and welfare by PETA. They care more about furthering their agenda than the life of our children.

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