Thursday, November 28, 2013

The inside scoop on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade debacle

This past week some of you may have seen the news coming from our home state of South Dakota about how farmers and ranchers were upset with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade float that the state of South Dakota sponsors.  The state tourism department had put out a press release announcing Joan Jett was going to be on the float this year. 

For those of you who aren’t aware, much like the SD Department of Tourism, Joan Jett is a a card carrying PETA member. She has been featured in ads supporting meatless Monday’s and claims ranchers abuse their livestock, destroy the environment and poison people with the food we produce. Tourism is a big part of our state’s economy-the second largest industry in our state, agriculture. 

This set our wheels to turning. First, a call was made to the Department of Tourism to talk to someone about this decision.  It’s important to find the source of the information, we don’t want to hang people out to dry. We want to know the reason behind the decision and get the accurate information out. We always encourage the people we work with to find the source and not just go off on a witch hunt.

Second, we posted the information on our personal Facebook page. We felt this was a local issue and didn’t release it to everyone. We encouraged our friends to also contact the Tourism department. We didn’t want anyone fired, we wanted to make sure people understand why this has a negative impact on our number ONE industry in the state.  Our tax payer dollars were going to support someone who is actively trying to stop what our family does. 

Some within agriculture were upset that we gained the attention to this issue, because it hit all the major news sources including CNN, MSN and FoxNews plus some entertainment channels.  But that is what agriculture has been doing for years, just letting PETA say what they say about us and not doing anything.  That approach really hasn’t worked well for us has it?

In the end we got it changed, but it’s because people came together and shared their voice. So share your voice and make positive change. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

The Red Meat Mafia

Able to Raise Tall Corn in a Single Season...

MOO U, I Got My B.S. in BS...

I'm a Product of Child Labor...

The Red Meat Mafia apparel company came out in July of this year with one goal in mind: To help start conversations about agriculture. We sure think shirt titles like those above do just that. 

The Family, as they are called, is a group of people who are involved in agriculture but all share the same mindset- that advocating for agriculture is important. They designed the shirts to be cute and cleaver but to also make people stop and ask questions. 

We joined the Red Meat Mafia because we believe in their philosophy and got a kick out of the shirts! We're always searching for a way to reach people about what we do. People want to be entertained and what better way to do that then by making them smile. It goes along ways to start that conversation.

 This shirt on the front has the Red Meat Mafia logo. One the back is Food Security. This shirt represents that farmers and ranchers are all part of the very important job of food security.

Each shirt comes with a small postcard that explains the meaning behind the shirt.  This is what makes Red Meat Mafia different then most apparel companies.  It's not just about selling a product, it's about telling the agricultural story.

We encourage you to check out the Red Meat Mafia website to learn more about the company and to order a shirt! 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

HSUS Attempting to Override NJ Gov Veto

Animal rights advocates push N.J. Legislature to override Christie's veto on pig crates

Gov. Chris Christie vetoed a bill in June that would have prohibited the farm practice of placing pregnant pigs in gestation cages. (EPA)
Brent Johnson/The Star-Ledger 
on September 17, 2013 at 11:16 AM, updated September 17, 2013 at 3:33 PM
TRENTON — A coalition of animal-rights advocates today urged the state Legislature to override Gov. Chris Christie’s veto of a bill that would ban the “cruel” farm practice of keeping pregnant pigs in gestation crates.
The Humane Society of the United States announced it is launching a $150,000 television ad campaign in the state to educate voters on the issue.
“All animals deserve humane treatment — especially if they’re being raised for food,” Humane Society President Wayne Pacelle said during a teleconference call this morning. “If animals are being raised for food, by God, we have to make sure they are not suffering in the run up to their slaughter.”   READ MORE
HSUS is targeting the state of New Jersey with an emotional based campaign to override a veto by Gov. Chris Christie.  He vetoed the bill based on science not emotion. HSUS is once again attacking a state with very few families that raise hogs. It is our duty as people in agriculture to reach out to New Jersey residents and share the real story of how livestock is raised. How??  Social Media! It’s another place where Team Ag can work together.   -Stacy

Friday, May 10, 2013

Whole New Meaning to Space Food

Farming On Mars: NASA Ponders Food Supply for 2030s Mission            by Clara Moskowitz,
WASHINGTON —The first humans to live on Mars might not identify as astronauts, but farmers. To establish a sustainable settlement on Earth'ssolar system neighbor, space travelers will have to learn how to grow food on Mars — a job that could turn out to be one of the most vital, challenging and labor-intensive tasks at hand, experts say.
"One of the things that every gardener on the planet will know is producing food is hard — it is a non-trivial thing," Penelope Boston, director of the Cave and Karst Studies program at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, said yesterday (May 7) at the Humans 2 Mars Summit here at George Washington University. "Up until several hundred years ago it occupied most of us for most of the time."
NASA is actively engaged in researching how to farm on Mars and in space, as the agency is targeting its first manned Mars landing in the mid-2030s. And some NASA officials are wondering if that mission ought to be of long duration, rather than a short visit, given the difficulty of getting there and the possible benefits of an extended stay. "Sustained human presence — should that be our goal? I think that's a good discussion," Bill Gerstenmaier, associate administrator of NASA's Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate, said here Monday (May 6).   Read More
See rocket scientists understand that the basics for sustaining life in the new space frontier.  Have you stopped to think about food production research that is being done?  It makes me wonder if some of the plants are also being genetically modified to suit the change they will need in order to grow on Mars.