Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hormone Free Cows

Ohio frees up 'free from' milk hormone claims

By Shane Starling02-Apr-2008 -

Ohio's ongoing regulatory debate about how best to label milk derived from cows treated with growth hormones has taken another turn with the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) revising a rule that restricted 'free from' claims. The ODA's revision, which reduces the size of an on-label FDA-mandated disclaimer, came after a March 12 public meeting in which industry, processors and consumers expressed concern about the mooted rules that control the manner in which milk derived from hormone-free cows can be marketed.

The ODA says the regulations are intended to level the playing field between the two milk sources but hormone-using processors are opposed in principle to such labeling because they assert it unfairly implies milk derived from hormone-treated cows is compositionally different to milk sourced from hormone-free cows when it is not, thus misleading the public.

Here is another article on hormones in milk. We have been hearing more and more about labeling of milk and I think it is very important to continue sharing them with you to show you how misled people are on this subject. In the second paragraph, please note the term “hormone-free cows”. If these cows were hormone free, they would be dead. There is no such thing as a hormone free cow, or a hormone free anything. Hormones are necessary for life. Every one of us need to be prepared to do our part educating consumers about this subject.

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