Monday, April 7, 2008

PETA Protests Shrine Circus

PETA hopes to stop Shrine Circus show coming to the city

Tb News SourceWeb Posted: 4/4/2008 8:18:47 PM

What bills itself as the 'Greatest Show on Earth' is expected to draw some protest when it stops in the city next month.

A local group is planning to take part in a national PETA campaign against the Shrine Circus and the use of animals in their shows and so far, over 120 members have joined a local Facebook group to 'fight the circus'. The Thunder Bay chapter of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals says its planning a protest calling for a ban on the use of animals in such shows.

However Shriner Andy Anderson, also known as Wrinkles the Clown, says he has never seen the animals harmed in any way and Anderson has been clowning since 1948. He's not taking the group seriously adding there is no truth to what they are saying.

Anderson says the circus has veterinarians that travel with them and animals are an important part of the show. The local stop has raised more than $80,000 each year for the Shriner's hospital for children. Read More

PETA has once again put animals above the welfare of children. The Shrine circus is a major fundraiser for their hospitals, which treat sick children at little or no cost. Yet PETA is willing to throw that all away because it thinks that these animals are mistreated. Children’s welfare should be more important than protesting a circus.


Anonymous said...

heyy! i'm all for peta. and i'm going to my step sisters house tomorrow (saturday March 21) and on the 22nd we're going to a shrine circus.... ): can you PLEASE tell me what happens at the shrine circuses. i just did a report for school on animal cruelty and circus cruelty. and i talked to my sister telling her that i wasn't going to pay to watch poor animals have to do unusual tricks in front of a large crowd...and i know some of the trainers use like a spiked ball thing to make them perform right... it makes me wanna cry but she said that's not what they do at a shrine circus? i need an answer by tonight!! PLEASE THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH..!!!!!!!!

-ashley xoxo

Troy Hadrick said...

Just like all circuses, the Shrine Circus is regulated and inspected by the US Dept of Agriculture. There is no spiked ball thing that they use. I have been to the Shrine Circus several times with our children and have never seen these animals abused. They always look healthy and in good shape. PETA isn't concerned with telling the truth, they want money and political power so they can force our society into becoming vegans. Go to the circus. Support the Shriners. If you want to do a school report about something, do one about all the free medical care the Shriners give to sick kids all over the US with the money raised at these events.

Unknown said...

Troy, duh, you are not going to see animals being abused during a show. And of coarse they are not going to use harsh instruments during the performance. This does not by all means say this type of behavior is not going on. Look up some facts to see what is really happening.