Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cheyenne Frontier Days Being Targeted

Animal rights group descends upon Cheyenne
By Baylie Davis

CHEYENNE -- The group that apparently convinced Matchbox Twenty to cancel its appearance at this summer's Cheyenne Frontier Days will be in town on Wednesday.

Members will hold an open press conference at the Laramie County Library.Members of SHARK, SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness, have invited the public as well as CFD and city officials to attend.

SHARK officials wrote in a release that CFD officials "have expressed bewilderment" over Matchbox Twenty's cancellation due to what the band referred to as "mistreatment of animals."

But, the group adds, the reasons for that action are easily found in graphic video documentation from last year's CFD rodeo. Read More

The sport of rodeo, like animal agriculture in general, has had to defend itself for several years now. This is just another avenue for another animal rights group to create a crisis. The head of Cheyenne Frontier Days had it right when he stated that our lifestyle is being threatened. Rodeo will have to continue to educate the public about the sport and how they care for the animals involved.

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