Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Baby on Vegan Diet Dies

Murder convictions upheld against vegans in baby's death
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
The Georgia Supreme Court on Monday unanimously upheld murder convictions against an Atlanta couple who allowed their 6-week-old baby to starve to death.
Jade Sanders and Lamont Thomas, both vegans, were convicted in 2007 by a Fulton County jury. Living in the Darlington Apartments, they chose to have their son, Crown Shakur, born in a bathtub with no medical aid.
When they took the infant to nearby Piedmont Hospital on April 24, 2005, the baby was emaciated, weighing 3 1/2 pounds. He died of extreme malnourishment. Police said his diet consisted of only soy milk and apple juice.    Read More
This is certainly a tragic case but hopefully because of the death of this baby more people will realize the importance of a balanced diet.