Tuesday, April 22, 2008

PETA vs. Al Gore

Not So Earth-Friendly? Activists Attack Al Gore

Monday , April 21, 2008
By Hollie McKay

Look out, Al Gore ... People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals says you are refusing to face one very "inconvenient truth."

On Monday, the animal rights organization launched the campaign offsetalgore.com (conveniently timed for Earth Day) in an attempt to counter the effects that they say the former vice president's meat-laden diet has on Mother Nature.

While reps for Gore had no comment, Pop Tarts confirmed with people who have worked with the ex-veep that he loves his steak and sausage, plus he was notorious for chowing down on the almost all-meat Atkins diet during his run for president. Read More

Isn’t it entertaining to watch the animal rights activists attack the environmentalists? While the figures that PETA uses aren’t accurate, this crisis that they created is good for at least a chuckle at how crazy this world is. The United State Environmental Protection Agency estimates that animal agriculture contributes less than 3% of the total greenhouse gas emissions.

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