Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ambassadors tell their story

Beef Ambassadors commemorate Earth Day

Source: PRWEB

In honor of Earth Day, the 2008 National Beef Ambassadors, a group of young beef producers, are sharing a series of personal videos telling the story of today's family-owned and operated cattle ranches, and their efforts to protect the environment every day.

Each video presents a unique perspective on environmental stewardship and why it is essential to the integrity and the future viability of the cattle industry.

Earth Day is celebrated year-round by America's beef producers. Cattle ranchers across the country make a difference by protecting important land, water and air resources while helping to feed a growing population.

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The National Beef Ambassador Program features some of our best and brightest involved in agriculture. I always urge people to go our and tell their story and that's exactly what the Ambassadors did. Congratulations to them and keep up the good work.

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