Monday, April 7, 2008

Restaurant to be Hormone Free

Pollo Tropical drops hormones from Florida restaurants

South Florida Business Journal - by Alexis Muellner

Pollo Tropical Restaurants said it has made changes to ingredients in products it serves in Florida.

The company boasts that its entire menu is now "hormone free."
Miami-based Pollo Tropical serves a range of grilled fare with a Latino theme. The company sells a signature marinated chicken item, as well as roast pork, ribs, grilled shrimp and steak.

"Hormone free" means the animal was not given or subjected to artificial hormones, the company said. Read More

He we go again. Now it’s a “hormone free” restaurant. Unless they are only serving sunshine and scenery, there are hormones in the food they are serving. And the worst part is their definition of hormone free, they say it means none of the animals were given artificial hormones, but that is a long ways from being hormone free. Every bit of food they serve there will have hormones in it. Hormones are one of the reasons that life exists on this plant. They are the biological messages that the body uses to control almost everything is has to accomplish. Because of that, regardless of how the animal was raised, there will be hormones in it. Most of the hormones in a meal that will be served at this restaurant will be from the vegetables. A 3 oz serving of cabbage will have over 1000 times as mush estrogen in it as a 3 oz serving of beef from an animal that has been treated with a growth hormone.

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