Thursday, April 12, 2012

Another Undercover Video

Is an Egg for Breakfast Worth This?
New York Times

Supermarket eggs gleam with apparent cleanliness, and nothing might seem more wholesome than breaking one of them into a frying pan.
Think again. The Humane Society of the United States plans to release on Thursday the results of an undercover investigation into Kreider Farms, a major factory farm that produces 4.5 million eggs each day for supermarkets like ShopRite.
I’ve reviewed footage and photos taken by the investigator, who says he worked for Kreider between January and March of this year. In an interview, he portrayed an operation that has little concern for cleanliness or the welfare of hens.   Read More

Kristof has been a vocal opponent of the production practices of family farms and ranches for quite some time now.  What’s most disappointing is his lack of investigation in this case.  He obviously wasn’t interested in finding out the truth.  Rather than go see the facility for himself he paints a picture based on the accounts of the paid undercover cameraman.  Along with that he apparently believes that growing up on a farm decades ago qualifies him to evaluate what he sees on the video.  
No one supports any type of livestock abuse but to recklessly pass on information from the world’s wealthiest animal rights group is uncalled for.  Lots of families depend on the affordable food supply that we can provide in this country.  The HSUS doesn’t want any type of animal agriculture to take place so lets look at what this video really is.  It’s another attempt at eliminating meat, milk and eggs from our plates. -TH