Monday, April 21, 2008

Time Magazine Insults WWII Vets

Iwo Jima Vets Hot Over Global Warming Pic

Time Magazine is in hot water with some World War II veterans over its April 28 cover illustration, which addresses "How to Win The War On Global Warming."

The magazine takes what is arguably one of the most famous war photographs of all time -- U.S. Marines raising the American flag on Iwo Jima's Mt. Suribachi -- and manipulates it to replace the flag and staff with a tree.

A Web site describing Time's story as pushing "more global warming alarmism" talked with retired Lt. John Keith Wells, who it said was the leader of the platoon captured in the Pulitzer prize-winning image by Associated Press photographer Joe Rosenthal.

"That global warming is the biggest joke I’ve ever known," Wells told the Business & Media Institute.
Donald Mates, also identified as an Iwo Jima veteran, told the publication, "It’s an absolute disgrace." "Whoever did it is going to hell. That’s a mortal sin. God forbid he runs into a Marine that was an Iwo Jima survivor," he said. Read More

The idea that you could somehow compare the World War II victory at Iwo Jima with global warming can only be described as a self serving stunt to sell magazines. How completely inappropriate it is to use this image of our American heroes to push an agenda such as global warming.

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