Thursday, April 24, 2008

UCLA tries to protect researchers

UCLA gets injunction against animal rights groups

Attorneys for UCLA on Tuesday obtained a preliminary injunction against animal rights groups and activists accused of harassing university researchers who conduct experiments using animals.

The injunction granted by Santa Monica Superior Court Judge Terry B. Friedman extends and expands a temporary restraining order granted Feb. 22, according to UCLA Chancellor Gene Block.

"This preliminary injunction is an important step in UCLA's ongoing efforts to protect researchers from extremists who have engaged in unlawful tactics to advance their beliefs and we intend to vigorously enforce it while pursuing a permanent injunction," Block said in a statement. Read More

UCLA researchers have been the target of several attacks lately. There is a bill in the California Legislature that will afford more protection to these individuals. In the meantime, hopefully this will allow the life saving medical research to continue without intimidation.

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