Monday, April 14, 2008

PETA Takes On Middle School Hunters

PETA takes on Northwestern’s ‘hunting wall’

Wisconsin Middle School is PETA Target

Anna Kurth The Daily Telegram

Published Friday, April 11, 2008

The animal rights organization sent middle school principal Ken Bartelt a letter Monday asking him to take down the Hunter’s Wall, a collection of photographs featuring students’ kills, because it “sets a precedent for a dangerous mind set that glorifies — and even rewards — violence,” according to the letter.

In addition to sending the letter to Bartelt, the organization sent the letter to local media and posted it online.

The Hunter’s Wall is housed in the classroom of Russ Bailey, a science teacher who also teaches a hunter safety course in the classroom after hours. The wall isn’t a trophy case it’s a wall of pictures, and it isn’t about promoting violence, Bartelt said.

The wall has been a spot where students can display their pictures for years and celebrates the region’s hunting culture in the same way it is celebrated local newspapers, which often run photos of hunters and fishers with their trophy kills, he said. Read More (Free registration required)

Hunting is an excellent and necessary component in managing our wildlife populations. It is through the dedication of people like Russ Bailey that future generations are learning the importance of safe and responsible hunting. Anytime we decide that our management policy, for things like wildlife or land, is non-management then Mother Nature does it for us. And often times, it is in a very devastating and violent manner such as disease and wildfires.

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