Friday, April 25, 2008

Farm Sanctuary Attacks CA Ag

Farm animal confinement battle heats up
April 24, 2008 8:49am

One of the groups supporting a November ballot measure that would change how some farmers raise their chickens, pigs and veal calves is ratcheting up the campaign with a video tour of the state.

Farm Sanctuary of Orland has equipped a truck with 80-inch video screens on three sides to show its undercover video investigations of what it considers abuse of farm animals to groups around California.

The tour is to raise public awareness “about the cruelties inherent on factory farms and to encourage people to take action to end farm animal abuse,” it says.

“When cruel and egregious practices are exposed to public scrutiny people respond fervently to the call for compassion,” says Julie Janovsky, Farm Sanctuary’s director of campaigns. “When people see a pig confined in a gestation crate, neurotically biting at the bars, unable to turn around, or take more than a step, it has a profound visceral effect on those viewing the cruelty. They know it’s inherently wrong and they want it to stop.” Read More

The first of many attacks against agriculture in CA have begun in an effort to pass the initiative that will ban cages. While there will be no increase in the welfare of farm animals from its passage, proponents of the initiative know that this will get them closer to their ultimate goal of eliminating animal agriculture completely.

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