Friday, April 4, 2008

Eco-Terrorism is Public Enemy #1

FBI: Eco-Terrorism Remains No. 1 Domestic Terror Threat

Monday , March 31, 2008

For nearly seven years, the nation has turned its terror focus on Al Qaeda and the hunt for Usama bin Laden. But there is a domestic terror threat that federal officials still consider priority No. 1 — eco-terrorism.

The torching of luxury homes in the swank Seattle suburb of Woodinville earlier this month served as a reminder that the decades-long war with militant environmentalists on American soil has not ended.

"It remains what we would probably consider the No. 1 domestic terrorism threat, because they have successfully continued to conduct different types of attacks in and around the country," said FBI Special Agent Richard Kolko. Read More

These terrorists don’t just attack research facilities and or corporations, they have also attacked family farms and ranches. No options are off the table, for this group, when it comes to violently trying to stop the things they are against. If we have an agri-terrorism event in the United States, it is more likely to have come from these groups rather than from overseas.

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