Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Animal Welfare is Rodeo Top Priority

Rodeo watchdog keeps eye out for animal abuse
By Gus Thomson, Journal Staff Writer

Rodeo has always been about steely nerved cowboys, sinewy bucking horses and ferocious bulls.
But in recent years, it has also been about protests raised from animal groups like PETA.

For Bill Adams, who serves as animal welfare watchdog during this weekend’s Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association rodeo in Auburn, that means coming to the two-day event not only with a watchful eye for possible safety infractions but with a pile of pamphlets explaining rodeo’s side of the story to people who have caught wind of protests.

Adams points to the association’s rule book and over 60 rules inside its pages pertaining to the treatment of animals as testament to the efforts the organization is putting into ensuring animals are treated well in their pens, in the chutes before entering the arena, and during events like bull riding, bull riding or team roping. Read More

The sport of rodeo has been quite successful in defending their use of livestock. It wasn’t by accident either. As the article mentions, they have made animal welfare a top priority. They will continue to be a target however and must continue educating the public on their welfare guidelines.

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