Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A New Spokesman

Matthew McConaughey Becomes Spokesman For Beef
July 16th, 2008

In a move sure to aggravate animal rights group PETA, Matthew McConaughey has thrown his support behind a new campaign promoting beef as the voice-over of their radio commercials.

McConaughey, whose girlfriend Camilla Alves just gave birth to their first child, is part of the new push to eat meat from the National Cattleman’s Beef Association.

Meghan Pusey, a spokeswoman for the organization said, “We are certain once consumers hear it, they will recognize the new voice for its endearing quality and it will reinforce their passion for beef and the protein body benefits it provides.”

There had been no response from PETA at the time of writing. Link

It seems pretty amazing these days when a celebrity is not out promoting a vegetarian diet or trying to tell people how we should raise livestock. While using celebrities to promote our products can be effective, the best advocates for agriculture are those of us working everyday on the farms and ranches across this country. Only you can tell your story.

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Anonymous said...

I had heard his promos running before the mainstream media picked up the story. I think it is great- he is young and appealing to the younger, hipper crowd more than Sam Elliot (don't get me wrong, I think Sam Elliot is great). When I interned for the Oregon Beef Council, it was a great campaign and Sam Elliot's recordings were what we heard during the first two years of Oregon State University Football season's Beef Blitz, where we (animal science students)gave out free full-sized samples of beef to all attendees who came to our tailgaiting area.