Monday, July 14, 2008

Beef Makes for Good Blood Health

Blood donors urged to beef up iron
6 hours ago

TV chef Phil Vickery has called on barbecue enthusiasts to beef up their iron and donate healthy blood.

Vickery has joined up with the National Blood Service (NBS) in a bid to encourage people to eat iron-rich foods and do their bit to ensure Britain's blood banks are stocked up.

It comes after research showed that last year, one in 20 would-be donors were unable to give blood because the haemoglobin in their samples were too low. Read More

Beef is a great source of zinc, iron and protein, all of which are vital for a healthy, balanced diet. While some people like to claim that we could get along without eating meat, this shows the importance of this nutrient dense food. Eat beef, donate blood and save a life.

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