Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Urgent! - Horse Slaughter Ban Hearing

In less than a weeks time, the horse slaughter ban effort in Congress has gone from the back burner into the spotlight. A new bill, H.R. 6598, was introduced and a hearing has already been scheduled in the House of Representatives. According to the House Judiciary Committee website the hearing is for Wednesday July 31. Since Wednesday is July 30, I don't know if it is Wednesday or Thursday. Congress must run on a different calendar than the rest of us.

Regardless of which day the hearing is, everyone of us needs to contact our officials in Washington DC and urge them not to pass this bill. Stopping our ability to harvest horses is a stepping stone to banning the harvesting of other types of livestock. Even if you don't raise horses or use them in your operation, you need to consider this an assault on agriculture's ability to manage it's resources.

Here is a link to the House Judiciary Committee website. If you have a member on the committee it is even more important that you urge them to vote against the bill.

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