Thursday, July 24, 2008

PETA Could Become "Welfare Cops"

Crazy US laws could give PETA right of farm entry
21/07/2008 9:35:00 AM

Animal rights and vegetarian activists could have the authority to enter and search California farm buildings and arrest producers for suspected violations of animal welfare laws if California voters approve a ballot initiative in coming months.

This is the conclusion of attorneys who are analyzing the legal consequences of the initiative for agricultural and food interests in California, whose "Californians for SAFE Food" coalition is organised to educate Californians on the initiative and urge them to vote no on the measure.

The determination makes it exceedingly important for producers and production companies, trade associations and allied industry across the US to become involved in the "SAFE Food" coalition, its supporters said. Read More

The thought of PETA or HSUS being the “animal welfare cops” in California should make everyone extremely concerned. There is no doubt that they would use their power to run everyone involved in production agriculture out of business.

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