Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Market growing for Alpharetta firm's 'chicken litter' fertilizer
By DOUG NURSE The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 07/03/08

It's a fertile world for Organic Growing Systems in Alpharetta.

The newly formed company is cashing in on the rising price of synthetic fertilizer by specializing in reconstituted "chicken litter," as it's delicately put.

As the price of traditional, petroleum-based fertilizer skyrocketed 200 percent to 300 percent since 2005, more and more farmers and sod-growers are turning to natural alternatives, said Chris Nichols, the company CEO.

"Everyone is looking at us like we're the hot chick at the prom," said Marc Nichols, Chris' nephew and national sales manager. "Today we sold a third of what we did last year." Read More

At the same time there is a push by some people to have animal manure considered a toxic and hazardous material, the demand for it by consumers is growing by leaps and bounds. Because commercial fertilizer prices have been skyrocketing, the demand for manure has grown. It’s just another way that livestock producers are helping the environment.

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