Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Managing The Wolf

States will discuss wolf strategy
By JOAN BARRONStar-Tribune staff writer

CHEYENNE -- Representatives of the states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho will decide their strategy on the wolf decision Friday during a telephone conference call, Wyoming Attorney General Bruce Salzburg said Wednesday.

Last Friday U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy, in Missoula, Mont., granted a preliminary injunction sought by environmental groups to restore the protection for wolves in the three states and halt wolf hunts.

In March, the estimated 2,000 gray wolves in the region were removed from the endangered species list. Read More

The wolf population has recovered quicker than probably anyone thought it would. It is to a point now that it needs to be managed in order to maintain a proper balance. The increased interaction between wolves and livestock and livestock owners shows the need for a management plan rather than just letting them over-populate. With a more than stable population, now is the time to put that management plan into place so those that are feeding these wolves don’t become endangered.

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