Friday, July 18, 2008

Cheyenne Frontier Days

Animal rights group targets popular Wyo. rodeo

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — Western heritage runs deep in this high plains city, and nothing typifies the local cowboy and ranching culture more than the 10-day Cheyenne Frontier Days celebration, which boasts the world's largest outdoor rodeo.

Yet, as this year's "Daddy of 'Em All" rodeo gets under way this weekend, the event is fighting off allegations of animal cruelty, which prompted the rock band Matchbox Twenty to cancel a scheduled performance.

Animal-rights activists want certain rodeo events banned. Organizers and competitors are calling it an attack on Western tradition.

"I feel like it's like gun control. If you let him take one event, they're going to try to get another. And then, I think, it's just going to snowball from there," said Brian McNamee, a past rodeo competitor from Wyoming. Read More

Cheyenne Frontier Days has come under attack this year by a group that would like to get their foot in the door of eliminating this sport. Just as most of the people that would like to eliminate animal agriculture, these protestors fail to understand some of the things they are concerned about. Handling animals and their welfare will always be a top priority for the sport because without them there is no rodeo.

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lightninboy said...

The sport of steer roping can be deadly to the steer, but I think such incidents are in the minority.