Thursday, July 17, 2008

Exploiting Women

Why does a pro-vegetarian organisation treat women like meat?
Josephine Tovey July 17, 2008

For an organisation that's so passionate about chicks, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has a shaky reputation with women.

On Monday the high-profile animal rights organisation held a demonstration out the front of the George Street KFC, involving three young women wearing nothing but lacy knickers and nipple tape in a cage with the sign "Chicks Agree: Boycott KFC".

PETA has also invited a former Big Brother housemate, Brigitte Stavaruk, to strip for its campaign, said a report in The Daily Telegraph yesterday. PETA offered the job to her because of her "big assets" - including her big personality, of course.

This is the sophisticated publicity technique the organisation has been perfecting over the past decade, with scores of their campaigns using the female body to try to raise awareness about animal rights. Not in a John-and-Yoko, dimply-bottoms-out-for-peace kind of way, but in a "put a hot naked chick next to a product you're trying to sell" way. Read More

I have always said that anti animal agriculture groups will place the human condition under that of animals. If they need to exploit women to accomplish their goals, the end justifies the means in their mind. But those of us that try to improve the lives of fellow human beings through our churches or charities are accused of “speciesism” by these groups. That’s one label, though, that won’t bother me.

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