Monday, July 7, 2008

Tony Blair won't veg out

No need to give up meat to save planet: Tony Blair
Mon Jul 7, 2008 11:55am BST

LONDON (Reuters Life!) - Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has distanced himself from the idea that he should become a vegetarian as a way of highlighting the dangers of deforestation in his role as a climate change campaigner.

Blair, who is backing a plan for the world to halve greenhouse gases by 2050, said deforestation was responsible for producing four times as many as emissions as the airline industry.

"The destruction of tropical rainforests for conversion to farmland -- for meat and crops -- must be halted, and reversed," Blair told readers of the Independent in a question and answer session.

He was asked by one reader: "will you (therefore) go vegetarian and lead by example?"
Blair replied: "This does not mean the world has to give up meat." Read More

Tony Blair has resisted protesters calls for him to switch to a vegetarian diet. Apparently he hasn’t fallen for the bizarre notion that eliminating animal agriculture would somehow solve all of the world’s problems. The real story is that animal agriculture will be part of the solution for a world that will need more food as our population grows.

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