Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Domestic Terrorists

Animal activists attacking scientists’ homes
More protesters using firebombs, flooding, acid at researchers’ front doors
The Associated Press

updated 4:14 p.m. MT, Mon., July. 7, 2008

BERKELEY, Calif. - In the hills above the University of California's Berkeley campus, nine protesters gathered in front of the home of a toxicology professor, their faces covered with scarves and hoods despite the warm spring weather.

One scrawled "killer" in chalk on the scientist's doorstep, while another hurled insults through a bullhorn and announced, "Your neighbor kills animals!" Someone shattered a window.

Borrowing the kind of tactics used by anti-abortion demonstrators, animal rights activists are increasingly taking their rage straight to scientists' front doors. Read More

These terrorists continue to threaten researchers and the medical breakthroughs that could result from their research. These people shouldn’t have to live in fear because they are trying to improve the human condition. We cannot allow these terrorists to dictate how human medicine will advance in our society. That is why California, in particular, is developing new laws to afford more protection to these scientists.

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