Monday, July 14, 2008

Improving our Cattle

SDSU dairy research considers history of methane emissions
By SDSU Extension

BROOKINGS, S.D. - Modern dairy cows produce more methane than their predecessors, but fewer dairy herds and a smaller dairy cow population has resulted in less overall methane emission.

South Dakota State University Extension Dairy Specialist Alvaro Garcia, along with James Linn, head of the University of Minnesota Department of Animal Science, looked at the role cattle and dairy cows play in methane emission.

Garcia and Linn presented their findings at the 2008 American Dairy Science Association meeting in Indianapolis.

They compared today's dairy herds to those of 1924, the first year U.S.Department of Agriculture cattle and dairy statistics were compiled. Read More

Agriculture has continually been improving its efficiency and this is a great look back at how far we have come. Being able to produce more with less is how we can continue to feed a growing population. This is another one of the great stories that agriculture has to tell.

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