Friday, July 25, 2008

The Cloning Debate

GM debate: Cloned meat safe to eat says EU's food agency

Professor Dan Collins, a member of EFSA's scientific committee, told reporters that there was no appreciable difference between meat from cloned animals and that from conventional ones. But he added: "There are possible concerns there is an impact of animal health and welfare on food safety. Infectious diseases can be passed down the food chain. Healthy food comes from healthy animals."

Beef and pork produced from healthy cloned cattle and pigs are as safe as meat from conventionally bred animals, the European Food Safety Authority said yesterday. Read More

Quite surprisingly, the EU food agency has declared cloned meat as safe as conventionally raised meat. The EU certainly doesn’t have a history of approving technologies in food production, regardless of the science. While the process of getting there is different, the clone of an animal is no different than an identical twin. Even though using cloned animals for meat production is still several years away, having the discussion now is important.

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