Monday, July 7, 2008

Undermining Food Production

Greens add food production to their hit list
By Dennis T. Avery
web posted July 7, 2008

British diesel is a self-inflicted $12 per gallon, biofuels have nearly doubled their food prices, and 40 percent of U.K electrical power will be shut down over the next six years. Now, the same Green alarmists, who warn of man-made warming while the planet cools, demand sharp reductions in Europe's pesticide use. That will slash Europe's crop production in half during a global food emergency.

Is Green really the world's way forward?

Europe's Large Combustion Plant Directive will shutter 17 big generating plants in the UK alone for emitting too much CO2. Never mind that the earth has not warmed as the alarmists predicted—and has been actually cooling for 16 months in defiance of the climate models. Read More

Those that promote the claim of global warming say that the debate is over on the subject, and it seems that they are trying to claim to same thing when it comes to how we should produce food and fiber on our planet. The idea that we can feed the world with organic gardens is utterly ridiculous. Since humans figured out how to cultivate food, they have been trying to improve yields through technology, and that is the same story today. Whether it is developing a simple tool or deciphering a plant’s genetic code, every step along the way has improved our ability to grow food and that is something that will have to continue.

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