Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Don't Skip the Meat Case

Beef Is What's For Dinner

Your household budget may be taking a big hit. Not only because of the cost of fuel, but food. Because grocery prices are increasing at the fastest rate in almost 20 years, you may find yourself skimping on foods you normally stock up on. But there's one aisle you don't want to avoid.

The meat case at your grocery may seem more full than normal. That because as the price of oil goes up, so does the price of your favorite cuts of meat. But there is a way to stretch your dollar and still get this protein in your diet.

“If you're trying to get your protein needs and you're trying to skimp on your dollar there...you're not getting the nutritional benefits that you think you are,” says Holly Swee, Director of Nutrition for the South Dakota Beef Council. Read More

With the increases in the price of food, anti-animal agriculture groups are taking advantage of the situation to promote vegetarian diets as a way of lowering your grocery bill. But meat will always provide consumers with a very nutrient dense food source that is a key ingredient for a balanced diet.

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