Monday, June 30, 2008

Euthanizing Needs to be an Option

Are no-kill shelters humane? Some dogs unadoptable, dangerous to volunteers

By Celia Gilner For the Journal-Constitution

Our Pal's Place, a no-kill dog adoption facility in Marietta, was recently featured in the AJC about its fund-raising drive, the "million penny campaign." Sniffles, a dog at the shelter who was euthanized after suffering numerous health problems, has also been in the news.

Undoubtedly, no-kill shelters including Our Pal's Place do a tremendous amount of good by finding homes for terrific dogs that would have been euthanized. But, as illustrated by Sniffles, there are times when it is appropriate to put a dog to sleep.

Our Pal's Place is dependent on volunteers to feed and care for its 15-plus dogs and puppies. I was a volunteer for more than a year and took pride in the care we gave on limited funds.

During orientation, we were told to use a plastic garbage can lid and a spray that has repeatedly been ineffective to break up dogfights. With experience as a registered nurse, boarding horses for more than 30 years and having various pets all my life, I am safety-conscious and would never interact with Lucy or Brinks, two dogs who have been at the facility for more than two years and have repeatedly attacked both dogs and people. Read More

There has been a big push to make animal shelters become no-kill facilities, in other words they won’t euthanize any animals. However, there are times when that is necessary and these shelters will no longer have that option. It seems that some people would rather send a dangerous animal to a home with kids than have it put down.


lightninboy said...

With all the unwanted pets, a no-kill shelter seems impractical.

Anonymous said...

Google Our Pals Place and see Lexie's Story. It mentions no attack on a person. This dog is still up for adoption and has a picture of it licking a child. This facility had never filled out a bite report at Cobb County Animal Control on this dog or any other before Lexie's bite was reported by the person who required a hospital emergency room visit for a bite so viscious the muscles on her forearm were exposed and she had repeated bites to her leg.