Monday, June 9, 2008

Fur Retailer backlash in Portland

Oregon animal rights activists target remaining fur store
Associated Press - June 7, 2008 5:25 PM ET

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - After driving one store out of business, animal rights activists are targeting the last remaining store in Portland that sells furs.

Protests led by a fledgling group called the Portland Animal Defense League have intensified in recent weeks at Nicholas Ungar Furs.

The only other fur retailer in Portland, Schumacher Furs and Outerwear, closed after a 15-month campaign against the store.

Activists say the goal in the Schumacher campaign was to educate consumers. But this time, they say it's about ridding downtown of an outdated industry. Read More

Animal rights activists will always put animals before the people and their families that will be affected by the closing of these stores. These protesters think they are saving animals, however it should be viewed as protesters endangering the livelihood of these store owners and their employees. Human welfare should always be our top priority.


Tracy H. said...

It's sad that you have more compassion for people who profit from animal cruelty than you do for innocent animals who are tortured and murdered.

Troy Hadrick said...

Why do you assume that there is any animal cruelty happening just because humans are utilizing this resource that has been given to us? I work around animals everyday and realize how important it is that we tend to the well being of them. If we don't take care of our animals, no matter what kind of animal it is that you are raising, then they won't take care of us.

Anonymous said...

I wish those out to eradicate domestic animals were more in touch with reality--and less greedy themselves. Software does not suffice to teach biology or physiology. It takes dissection and hands on lab work to understand for example -- electrical conduction in muscles. Were the truth published, there are hundreds of millions of bucks to be made from producing software that will result in further dumbing down of our educations system giving us 2nd rate scientists as well as inadequately trained nurses and doctors. Were animal rightists notions so great then the purchase of software vs skill, years of training and exercising would leave children candidates for being Olympic level atheletes as well, right? Wrong! Living in the Maine woods, I know many people who are into farming, hunting, trapping, and fishing. Not ONE among all those I know are into "torture or murder" of any life form. On the other hand animal rightists distributing supposedly educational games in Australia are teaching very small children if those children aren't vegan the children "should" die at ages as early as three to nine years of age. And what of the spate of recent child vegan patients such as the one not yet hitting teen years with the spine of an 80 year old from dietary deficiencies? Cruelty to children and inadequate diet for age and stage of growth, vegans would leave us believing is acceptable? Tripe! Please vegans, get real lives and leave the other 99% of us and our domestic animals alone from your cultish practices--and be sure to get enough B12. I don't want to be tabbed to pay for your bone deficiency medical disorders.