Thursday, June 19, 2008

Logging Research Protested

Logging started in Robinson Forest
By: Allie Garza
Posted: 6/19/08

After months of debate, sit-ins and meetings, logging has begun in Robinson Forest.

When UK College of Agriculture Dean Scott Smith announced that logging would begin last year, students and activists alike rallied together in efforts to halt the proposed Streamside Management Zone Project, in which logging would be a necessary component.

The project, conducted by the Department of Forestry, plans to analyze different techniques for protecting water quality during logging. By producing and collecting the data, researchers intend to find new ways to manage water resources in the state with a better and stronger criteria for timber harvesting. Read More

No matter the reason for an area being logged, some people will never be happy. This research project is aimed at finding the best logging techniques for protecting water quality. Trees are a fantastic renewable resource that are growing faster than we are harvesting them in this country. The information gathered from this project will only help us better manage this resource.

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Rick said...

As long as they don't go too crazy with the logging, ill be ok. I worked for an indiana logging company for years and thankfully they planted more than they took away. Thanks!