Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cash Reward Against Agriculture

Cash reward for an end to factory farms
Louise Hall June 15, 2008

A LEADING animal rights activist will give $25,000 to any person who can come up with a viable way to end factory farming in Australia.

The outspoken former corporate heavyweight Brian Sherman, the founder of animal rights group Voiceless, announced the incentive as part of a new round of grants for projects that improve the lives of Australian animals.

Speaking at the Vegan Expo at Sydney's Wharf 8 yesterday, Mr Sherman said the projects could include advertising or awareness campaigns, academic reports, education and lobbying to pressure industry and government to ban intensive piggeries, battery hens, broiler chickens and feedlots. Read More

Whenever you read about someone speaking of the horrors of the so-called factory farming, you have to wonder how they define what is and isn’t factory farming. How big is too big? Is there some magic number that you go over that makes you too big? No one ever seems to be able to answer these questions.

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