Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Supreme Court Contributes to Horse Suffering

Supreme Court decision ends US horse slaughter

WASHINGTON (AFP) — The US Supreme Court Monday refused to hear an appeal by the last US horse abattoir against its forced closure, despite claims that American horse meat is greatly valued in Europe.

Until last year, there were three horse abattoirs in the United States -- two in Texas and one in Illinois. But they closed after both states, under pressure from animal rights groups, passed laws banning killing horses for human consumption. Read More

The Supreme Court, by refusing to hear the arguments to reinstate horse slaughter, has contributed to the reduced welfare of American horses. As with any type of livestock, there needs to be an end market so that we can utilize these animals at the end of their useful lives rather than waste this valuable resource. With all of the concerns about food shortages in the world, another food source has been taken off the world’s plate.

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