Monday, June 2, 2008

Rebuttal of the Pew Report

Pew report on industrial farm animal production faulty

As members of the North Dakota Food and Fiber Alliance, we feel it necessary to respond to Robert Martin's guest column (Tribune, May 12) referring to the Pew Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production report.

It is necessary to set the record straight.

The commission began this study in 2006 to conduct, it said, "a comprehensive, fact-based and balanced examination" of the issues surrounding modern livestock farming. It failed.

Although agriculture and livestock groups worked to engage with the commission at every opportunity, they were repeatedly disregarded and rebuffed. Highly respected experts from major land grant universities who either made presentations to the commission or conducted research at its request have stated that they felt the commissioners had preconceived ideas about the U.S. livestock industry. Read More

This was a well written letter by the North Dakota Food and Fiber Alliance. The Pew report is going to continue haunt agriculture for years to come. Even though the Commission seemingly ignored the information provided to them by our nation’s top land grant universities, many are considering this to be a very true snapshot of production agriculture in the United States.

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