Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How about Pigs AND People

Pigs vs. People?
Wayne County, NY

What do you get when you gather 2,000 pigs under one roof? Tons of bacon, lots of manure and undoubtedly some neighbors with concerns.

Last January, when the Town of Rose learned that a CAFO (Contained Animal Feeding Operation) was planned for Brown Road near the hamlet of North Rose, they passed a building moratorium on the construction.

Why the concerns? Gone are the days of the small family farm where a dozen pigs or cows were the center of the family business. The current market scenario favors big mechanized operations where thousands of head of livestock are mass produced for market.

According to Rose Town Supervisor, Lucinda Collier, the temporary six-month ban was enacted so the Town Board could learn more about CAFOs and their impact on the environment and to possibly quell neighbors' concerns. Read More

With the amount of scrutiny being placed on those wishing to build livestock feeding facilities, there is no way the owners would jeopardize their livelihood by not building it correctly. Rather than a conflict of interest, the hiring of a CAFO specialist should show the residents of this area that these are responsible neighbors trying to do everything right.

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