Wednesday, June 25, 2008

PETA's Dark Side

PETA isn't all warm and fuzzy
Tuesday, June 24, 2008
- Greg Francek, Pine Grove

People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals has become a household name and is now so mainstream that its press releases and "animal action alerts" have begun to appear in scores of American newspapers, including the Ledger Dispatch.

With close to 1 million members and financial contributors, PETA is an influential and powerful non-profit organization that, on the surface, garners the sympathies of animal lovers from all walks of life. PETA has been a vocal advocate to end animal suffering and cruelty, which most would agree is a noble cause. The four areas that they focus their campaigns are: factory farms, animal/medical research laboratories, the entertainment industry and the clothing trade (fur coats, leather products). There is, however, a darker and more militant side to PETA. Read More

The dark side of PETA is one that they would rather you not be aware of because they would like to greatly alter the way we live. They encourage violence and place human health and well being at the bottom of their priority list.

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