Wednesday, June 11, 2008

PRCA get sued

Animal rights group sues rodeo over videos
By Rob Olmstead Daily Herald Staff
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A Geneva animal rights group has filed suit against a Colorado rodeo association, claiming it intentionally lied about its videos in an effort to remove them from YouTube.

Showing Animals Respect and Kindness, or SHARK, filed the lawsuit Monday in federal court in Chicago against Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association.

According to the lawsuit, SHARK had posted more than a dozen videos of activities at rodeos throughout the country, including video of rodeo hands using electric prods on horses to encourage their bucking, a prohibited activity according to the lawsuit.

The rodeo group then contacted YouTube, claiming the videos were copyrighted and had YouTube take them down. Read More

SHARK continues their assault on the sport of rodeo. If you will recall, they were the group that convinced a band to not perform at Frontier Days in Cheyenne. It seems as if these different animal rights groups have to carve out their own niche in order to keep the donations flowing into their coffers. SHARK has decided to make rodeo their enemy and they will undoubtedly continue their efforts to make a name for themselves.

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