Monday, June 30, 2008

Oprah and Friends

Jeff Reinartz: Oprah and PETA on the same team? Scary stuff
6/28/2008 8:41:12 AM
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Listen up Austin, we have a problem, and it threatens to jeopardize our way of life, our very existence. We must remain strong. We must remain vigilant. We must stick together and stand tall in the face of ... vegetarians?

Well, not all vegetarians. That wouldn't be fair. I'm referring to certain groups of vegetarians that would have you believe that if you don't allow them to force you to adopt their lifestyle, that you're somehow morally and ethically careless.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is one such group. PETA is an organization of militant vegetarians who envision a world where an end has been put to the production of meat and the world subsists on a diet of rabbit food, presumably not tomatoes.

Apparently frustrated in their efforts, now they're even attempting to tie their cause to what I call the global warming myth, suddenly making meat manufacturers the number one producer of CO2 and the bellwether in the march toward this inevitable, horrifying calamity. In other words, if you eat meat then you don't care about animals, you don't care about the planet and global warming is your fault, you gluttonous carnivores. Read More

Oprah’s attempt at a vegan diet turned out to be quite difficult for her. As always, it comes back to eating a balanced diet. Her dieting adventures over the years have been well documented, and hopefully she has realized that eating a vegan diet will not make you or the environment any healthier.

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