Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Increasing Food Production

World food supply must rise 50%, Ban Ki Moon tells Rome summit

A United Nations summit on resolving the world's food crisis opened this morning with a call from Ban Ki-moon, the UN Secretary General, for world farm production to rise by 50 per cent by 2030 to meet growing demand.

He called on leaders to lower export restrictions and import tariffs on food with immediate effect to avoid further hunger and malnutrition, which have caused riots in several Third World countries.

The three day summit, organised by the Rome-based UN Food and Agriculture Organization, follows massive food price rises over the past three years. Analysts blame the diversion of crops to make biofuel, drought and natural disasters, fuel costs, and speculation. Read More

The one good thing about the tight worldwide food supplies is that the world is realizing that not much else matters when you have no food. Oil prices don’t matter much when you are hungry. Increasing food production by 50% is possible if we are allowed to use the technology that is at our disposal.

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