Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Biotech Crops Gaining Approval

Brasher: Genetically engineered food getting 2nd look around world

Philip Brasher
Gannett News Service

Global food inflation has some people overseas taking another look at genetically engineered crops.

Biotech giants like Pioneer Hi-Bred and Monsanto have struggled for years to get into markets in Africa and Asia with varying degrees of success.

But there's evidence resistance to the technology may be easing, at least in part because of the skyrocketing price of commodities like corn, soybeans, rice and wheat.

South Korea, for example, recently issued its first approval for import of biotech corn for food.
"It's a change in course, basically," said Clive James, founder and chairman of the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications, a group that tracks the use of biotech crops.

"The decision was a very strong no before. It's now yes." Read More

Biotech crops have been the latest step in the history of humans trying to improve the plants they grow for food. As the world demands more food for an increasing population, biotech crops will play a very important role. The decreasing world food stocks seem to be changing the tune of those who have been fighting against the use of this technology.

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