Monday, June 23, 2008

Meat is not to Blame

Meat Habit is Fueling World Famine
Posted on: Friday, 20 June 2008, 09:00 CDT

Approximately 854 million people do not have enough to eat. Thirty-three countries are facing food crises, according to the World Bank, and food riots have recently erupted in Egypt, Haiti, Yemen, Malaysia and other poor nations. This is hard for most Americans to comprehend. The closest many of us will ever come to a food riot is when someone cuts in line for more nachos and hot dogs at the baseball-stadium concession stand.

But we need look no further than our own shores to figure out what's causing food crises overseas: While millions of people are starving, a billion more _ many of them Americans _ are overweight. Our addiction to meat is largely to blame for both problems. Read More

This article was written by PETA in an effort to further their agenda against animal agriculture. There are several things they fail to mention however. First, if we didn’t have livestock we wouldn’t be able to utilize much of the land resources available to us in this country. Next, the biggest reason for starving people has been politics. How often do we hear about food aid not making it to those who need it most because of foreign governments that won’t give it out. Finally, in the case of ruminant animals, such as cattle, we need them to convert undigestible plants into a form that humans can utilize.

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