Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Taking the Odor out of the Manure

Treating Hog Manure with Borax Cuts Odor
By Jan Suszkiw June 3 , 2008

Hydrogen sulfide is one of the compounds contributing to the stink from manure storage pits on hog farms. Microbial activity in the manure releases the hydrogen sulfide and other compounds.

Today, at an American Society of Microbiology meeting in Boston, Mass., Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientist Cheryl Spence reports the results of a study in which "dusting" hog manure with borax powder--the same substance used in laundry detergents--helps to neutralize the malodorous microbes, which include sulfate-reducing (SR) and other anaerobic bacteria. Read More

Technology in agriculture is progressing as rapidly as in other industries. In the pork industry, they have been continually looking at ways to deal with odors associated with raising hogs. It appears as though borax may be a simple and inexpensive way to deal with it.

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