Friday, October 10, 2008

Pig Wrestling

Farmer Could Be Fined For Pig Mud Wrestling
Richard Sher

It appears a Baltimore County farmer is going to be fined for conducting pig mud wrestling matches.

Richard Sher reports Spring Meadow Farms owner, Stan Dabkowski, received warnings from animal rights groups and the county health department, but went forward with the matches, all of them videotaped by the health department.

Eyewitness News received this message from the Baltimore County Health Department: "There were clear cut examples where the pigs were being mistreated. Citations will be issued accordingly."

"They've got qualified people here, videotaping the pig mud wrestling. All they had to tell me was they felt the pigs were being mistreated and I would have said OK and stopped," said Dabkowski.

He canceled planned pig mud wrestling for the following three Saturdays.

Dabkowski no longer has the pigs. He says he is inviting the entire community to a free pig roast, Saturday, Oct. 18.

"I'm sure people who are opposed to eating animals will be opposed to the roast," said Dabkowski, "but pigs are for eating."

Fines could be levied some time this week. Link

Pig wrestling has probably been going on since pigs and mud first met. At our regional fair for the last couple of years there has been charity pig wrestling where teams compete against each other for their favorite charities. It has been a big hit and has raised a lot of money for various groups in our area.

Having a group claim these pigs were mistreated isn’t surprising, because it’s probably the same people that say raising pigs for food is mistreatment. If pig wrestling is the biggest problem the Baltimore County Health Department has to worry about, they apparently don’t have enough to do.

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