Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Eat Meat, Live Long

'Eat Meat for a Long Life'

Many people aged 100 or more have consistently consumed meat and fish throughout their lives, a study shows, putting paid to the myth that a vegetarian diet is responsible for prolonging life.

Luisa Salaris, a professor of the University of Louvain, presented her study on the dietary habits of 11 men aged 100 or more in Sardinia at an international symposium on longevity in Sunchang-gun, North Jeolla Province, on Saturday. Salaris said her subjects have consistently eaten milk, cheese, eggs and pork.

Similar results were observed in Asian countries known for the longevity of their residents. Kazuhiko Taira, professor of the University of the Ryukyus, said “A study of 600 people aged 100 or more revealed that those who live longer ate more pork or goat meat than in other regions in Japan.” Read More

We seem to hear over and over again that if you want to lead a long healthy life, cut the meat out. But science has never agreed with that statement and here is another study that verifies the importance of meat and dairy products in a well balanced diet.

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