Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Another Newspaper Says No to Prop 2

Farmers would bear the brunt of Proposition 2
Monday, October 6, 2008 The Record Searchlight, Redding, CA

Our view: The initiative would drive farms out of state while doing little for animals.

Now here's a bit of scrambled thinking.

In countering industry assertions that Proposition 2 would raise grocery costs, the measure's proponents argue that its limit on the caging of hens will not raise prices - because after the law shuts down California's largest egg farms, the state will simply import most of its eggs.

In other words, the chickens will be no better off. They'll just be mistreated in Iowa or Arizona instead of in California.

Choosing to eat mindfully is one thing. Driving legitimate businesses out of the state is quite another. The Humane Society says egg production is a tiny fraction of the state's ag sector, but that's little consolation for the egg farmers facing banishment. Read More

Add another to the growing list of newspapers in California that are urging their readers to vote against Prop 2.

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