Monday, October 6, 2008

Former SC Official Favors Coal Plant

Sierra Club blasts ex-official over coal plant ad

The Sierra Club is blasting one of its former officials for using its name in an ad supporting a proposed coal-fired power plant in Wisconsin.

Brett Hulsey appears in the Alliant Energy radio ad as part of the company's push to convince regulators to approve the $1.3 billion plant in Cassville. He notes he's the Sierra Club's former Midwest representative.

The Sierra Club opposes the project, saying it would cause too much pollution. The group says the ad is an attempt to confuse the public into thinking it will be good for the environment.

Hulsey admits he's been a paid consultant for Alliant for two years, but says he supports the plant because it will generate up to 20 percent of its energy from burning biomass.

Hulsey says the Sierra Club is being unreasonable in opposing the project. Link

Even a former Sierra Club official admits that the group is being unreasonable when it comes to generating electricity from coal. Our electrical needs have to come from somewhere, and while the Sierra Club has a laundry list of where it shouldn’t come from, a list of ways we should generate it seems hard to come by.

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