Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Head East to Nevada

EDITORIAL: Help from California
Hostile voters might send ranchers running for Nevada

When the state's economy needs a shot in the arm, Nevadans can always count on California to ride to the rescue. The Golden State's Marxist lawmakers have put ever-increasing tax and regulatory burdens on industry, chasing scores of employers to the more business-friendly confines of Nevada. But come Nov. 4, it's California's voters who might deliver the coup de grace to their ranching industry -- and help diversify Nevada's economy in the process.

California's Proposition 2 is the signature initiative from that state's animal-rights crazies. It would prohibit ranchers from confining chickens, veal calves and breeding pigs to spaces that prohibit free movement. If voters approve the measure, ranchers would have six years to figure out how to quadruple their cage space while maintaining profitability and productivity.

If that's what California voters want, more power to them. The Nevada Development Authority and other state leaders should watch the Proposition 2 vote closely. They should make contact with California ranchers and farmers as soon as possible to let them know that if they're not wanted in California, they'd be welcome to do business in the Silver State. Read More

California has self-appointed itself as the Land of Food and Wine. However if Prop 2 passes they should really reconsider their title. This law would drive egg production out of that state and the editors of this Las Vegas newspaper realize how crazy that would be. However they are seeing an opportunity for their state by inviting these potentially affected producers to their state. If the bill passes, California should consider the title of Land of Imported Food and Wine.

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